Paolo Sings

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"Paolo!  You sound spectacular!  I''ll proudly claim whatever ninor part I had in that!  My Goodness, I hope they''re keeping you busy..."
David Simmons, Music Coach & Singer

"Your voice is like butter - it easily spreads all over a room as just the right compliment to an velvety that a phrase just gently warps around the conciousness."
Heather Molans, Artist

"Youre sooooo talented! Wish I could be in Sedona to hear you live!  Youve always been a Superstar."

Salisa Williams, Musician

"You are amazing!!"
Sherry Ripperger Tholl, Mom

"Oh my goodness, Paul. You are the best! I still listen to your CDs. You have the talent and always know what to do with it. "
Barb Pagani, Mom

"Great show tonight! I really love the tunes you are doing."
Laura Van House, Mom

"Hey Paolo! I LOVE what you do. Of course, I adore how you sing the Set Em Up Joe tune. Hugs!"
Shondra Jepperson, Entertainer, Singer, Vocal Coach

"Fabulous eveing at Kens Creekside with Paolo providing live music - great food and great entertainment"
Sharon Pratt, Entrepreneur

Hire singer for ceremonies, ribbon cuttings, holiday celebrations, fundraisers, theater events, film festivals, art events, and culture events. He also sings for dinner parties, holiday parties, birthday parties